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Sulphur, LA, USA


And I'm in the business of results.

Hi, I’m Chelsea! Wife, mom, personal trainer, former physique competitor, nutrition and exercise science research junkie, and top it off with a psyc degree. My purpose on this beautiful planet is to empower women through sound nutrition and fitness information. No fads, no BS, just science-based results. I have been through every single weight loss fad on this earth. Protein only? Yes. Clean eating? Yes. Veggie soup diet? Yes. No dairy? Yes. No added salt? Yes. 3 hours of cardio a day? Yes. You name it, I’ve probably experimented with it. 

Why? Why did I try so many things? Because I was DESPERATE! I was trapped in body that I didn’t want to be in and I would try ANYTHING to change it. Through my years of trial and error, I learned the big secret and I will share it with you for the small price of $3,000 and your firstborn child. Kidding. It’s so simple that most people don’t want to hear it- I know I didn’t. It’s called a caloric deficit (and no I do not starve my clients). It can get slightly more complicated, but that’s the gist. 

When people first start looking into counting calories or macronutrients, they’re overwhelmed. I get it, that was me. Now with years of practice, it comes easy to me. But how do you get to that point? First, you have to remove all the terrible lies that media has put in our minds that carbs are bad or if a food isn’t organic you will die. Second, you have to get consistent in your intake. Third, you have to learn how to adjust your intake based on your needs.

I designed MacroFIT Online Bootcamp with these goals in mind, but I also wanted to provide a jumpstart for all my fellow busy women. Whether you’re in the trenches with toddlers or out battling your day in meetings, I wanted this to work for YOU. I started by NOT making it a cookie cutter program. Your macronutrient needs are calculated for you, specifically. Next, I wanted to provide accountability. I think accountability is KEY to continued progress, especially to busy women as we often tend to put ourselves on the back burner. There are weekly check ins to make sure that you are having progress and action is taken if not. Finally, I wanted the meal plans to have GOOD food. I have suffered through chicken and asparagus for months on end and it was miserable. With this program, I provide weekly meal plan changes with foods that you’d be surprised are “diet” foods. There are three 30 minute workouts posted every week that walk you through with an instructional video because who has time to YouTube 15 different exercises to figure out the correct movement you’re supposed to be doing.

I aimed to remove all the thinking in this program, to get you results, and to simplify your life. To check out some results, click here

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